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Welcome to your access hub. We work with the architectural community to create access products and services that give you more. More design awareness, more innovation, more support and more insight. Everything you need to deliver beautiful, functional access solutions throughout your scheme and project after project. Whatever the scale or scope of your project, we are here to make everything flow effortlessly – from the design and installation phases to ongoing support.

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Single source specification support

Smart planning support

Our comprehensive support package connects you to the expertise you need to make fast, effective decisions on access and run a successful project. Our team of specialists provide support to specifiers by conducting detailed project reviews in order to identify and understand entrance systems and security requirements. Once completed, standards compliant options are identified and comprehensive entrance systems solutions proposed for evaluation and implementation by the specifier.
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Integrated access solutions

Tailored solutions for every project

From award-winning products to industry best practice and simple installation, dormakaba is your complete access partner. Our team works industry wide to incorporate products and solutions that better address the requirements of each project whatever the sector, meeting the specific demands of large transportation projects such as airports and train stations, arenas, stadiums, data centres, commercial offices, hospitals, care facilities, multi-housing developments, schools and universities.

Solutions by industry
A visual language built for you

Design as a functional style

All the components of a building have to match. Our design process gives you smart products that work seamlessly with your scheme and across locations and still produce anaesthetically harmonious unit. Predefined shapes, colors, and surface finishes coupled with a standardised appearance of products and interfaces simplify planning, installation, and maintenance for you and your customers.
Insights and training

The future: Better through knowledge

Things move fast in our industry. That’s why we have created a range of resources designed to help architects keep up with the latest trends and meet your professional development goals. From well selected CPDs, trend reports, case studies and knowledge articles. Our ambition is to keep your skills and knowledge up to date.

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