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EntriWorX EcoSystem

Improving productivity, collaboration, speed and security
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EntriWorX EcoSystem

One EcoSystem
for all

For architects, planners, installers and facility management.
A digital environment for collaborative work. Information and documents are stored centrally in web-based applications, so they are accessible to all involved.

Simply more precise - with digitized door planning.

Simply faster - with digitized door installation and commissioning.

Simply more efficient - in building management thanks to access to digital doors (digital twin).
For architects and planners

EntriWorX Planning

Time constraints, building regulations, safety requirements, ambitious customer needs - architects and planners have to keep track of them all.

The correct planning of door and access solutions as well as generating door lists for proposals are particularly complex and time-consuming tasks.

Our solutions:
EntriWorX Planning 360°
EntriWorX Planner

For installers

EntriWorX Installation

After a successful planning phase, the implementation of the plans starts directly on the construction site.

Thanks to the EntriWorX EcoSystem, processors receive all relevant data, documents and access rights to assemble the planned doors - simply and digitally via the EntriWorX Setup App.

This starts a new, more productive work process: With the compact hardware EntriWorX Unit and the EntriWorX Setup App for the uncomplicated commissioning of doors, the EntriWorX EcoSystem offers the tool to significantly simplify assembly and commissioning.

Our solutions:
EntriWorX Unit
EntriWorX Setup App
For facility manager

EntriWorX Operation

Buildings are always on the move: countless people come and go through every door, there are no rooms without fluctuation.

Building operators have to consider all factors needed for a secure building and smooth operation, and they need to keep track of everything, all the time.

Our solutions:
EntriWorX Door Insights
EntriWorX Occupancy Insights
EntriWorX Supported Service
EntriWorX Integrate


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