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Integrated access

Integrated Access at every stage of the building lifecycle
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Integrated access

Integrating into your ecosystem

At every stage of the building lifecycle, our integrated access solutions support efficient building access management.
Building safety without hassle

Access solution with biometrics

Convenient and secure access control system for entrances.

Our solution:
Sensor barrier Argus 60 with biometric reader 91 60​.

Freedom decides.​ Argus protects without restricting.

Integration of various technologies to one solution

Door solutions for Emergency and Escape routes

Combines access solution for Fire doors with mobile access.

Our solution:
SafeRoute escape route safety system combined with self-locking panic locks for 2-leaf doors SVA / SVI.

Meeting all requirements, creating intelligent solutions.
Future-proof your building through access systems
networked with your ecosystem

Digitized door and access solutions

Transparent mapping and networking of all automatic doors in a building Efficient planning of door and access solutions.

Our solution:
The Connector One connects automatic doors with a Smart Building system via the OPC UA standard. The integration is simple and, above all, secure.The Entrivo IoT Connector networks automatic doors and provides real-time insights into operational and status data.

Working with our products is simplified through modern technology, preventive product protection & innovation.


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