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EntriWorX EcoSystem

Digitally plan, easily install and operate access solutions

Planning and building has always been teamwork. From the client to the architect, specialist planners to construction companies, everyone should work hand in hand. In an era of digital transformation, all parties involved must find new ways to work together creatively and effectively. In order to become more efficient and productive together, dormakaba has developed the EntriWorX EcoSystem, with which access solutions can be productively planned, installed and operated. It offers a digital environment for everyone involved in the building design process and building lifecycle.

Smart automatic door system

Improvement of energy balance

An innovation in the field of automatic doors and thus a strategic advantage for all building operators: a smart system for automatic doors that significantly improves the energy balance of the building and reduces operating costs at the same time.
Door Efficiency Calculator

Selecting the most efficient automatic door

The energy calculator compares different dormakaba automatic doors in terms of energy efficiency, costs and CO2 footprint. It takes into account the type of building, the usage and the frequency of people.

Argus V60 sensor barrier

Particularly compact, strikingly elegant

The new compact Argus V60 sensor barrier offers security, elegance and efficiency all in one, and in the smallest of spaces. Thanks to modern sensor technology, this compact sensor barrier, which has already won the iF DESIGN AWARD Winner 2023, the German Design Award Special 2023 and the “Best New Wired Access Control Product” at the ISC WEST (Las Vegas, USA), gives architects and users more freedom without compromising on personal protection and separation detection. With its housing dimensions of 240mm x 180mm, Argus V60 proves to be the smallest fully-fledged sensor barrier on the market.

Made of curved glass

The all-glass revolving door KTV ATRIUM FLEX from dormakaba impresses with its transparent and elegant design and dimensions. As an exclusive architectural solution for discerning building owners, the revolving door combines design, light and function. The modern KT FLEX Direct drive system installed in the ceiling enables individual and needs-based solutions and, together with the light ring, forms an incomparable design feature.

Access management system resivo

Access management in the cloud

Living is becoming increasingly digital. This is also evident in locking systems. Although mechanical keys still dominate in apartment buildings, new construction projects are increasingly being planned key-free with digital access. The new cloud access management system resivo by dormakaba for the real estate industry simplifies building access management enormously and solves the issue of confusing key handling and who has access where and when in a multi-party building.
Further progress in sustainability

Industry-leading sustainability framework

At the BAU 2023 trade fair, dormakaba will present new sustainable solutions: an intelligent system for automatic doors and an energy calculator for selecting the most efficient automatic door.

Sustainability achievements in the first half of the fiscal year 2022/23 have been recognized by leading bodies. These include Prime Status in the ESG ratings of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), an increase in dormakaba's CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) ranking from B to A-, the "Best Sustainability Program 2022" award from EURO Baubeschlag-Handel (EBH) and a Gold Medal from EcoVadis.

Easy access to distributed critical infrastructure sites

Smart on-demand solution skyra

With the launch of skyra, dormakaba is changing the way critical infrastructure operators can manage their access. The challenges of distributing traditional keys are being replaced by a smart, service-based, on-demand solution that connects central administration with technicians in the field to enable secure and seamless access, even at remote locations. The new solution combines security with simplicity and uses mobile device technology to save time, money and resources. At BAU 2023, dormakaba will showcase the solution as an example in combination with the MATRIX access system.
First half of the 2022/23 financial year

dormakaba reports strong organic growth

dormakaba achieved strong organic sales growth in the first half of the financial year 2022/23, mainly driven by pricing. The adjusted EBITDA margin was lower than in the previous year, however in line with the guidance given in late August 2022. All business segments contributed to the strong organic sales growth, despite a challenging operating environment with continued supply chain constraints, inflationary pressure, and disruptions related to Covid-19 restrictions in China. Profitability declined, as positive growth effects were offset by the product mix, an increase in functional costs – mainly due to strategic investments in profitable growth initiatives with a payback in the future – and slower volume growth due to a reduction in customer inventories.

dormakaba supplies Hörmann CO2-neutral

dormakaba cooperates with Hörmann

The companies Hörmann and dormakaba are cooperating in the area of sustainability. From June 1, 2023, Hörmann will receive products from dormakaba Germany with EPDs CO2-neutral.