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BIM and Secure Access: The Challenges of Coordinating the Key Players in the Design Phase of a Building

In the age of escalating security concerns, buildings are no longer designed merely for aesthetics and functionality. Instead, they must be constructed with a focus on safety and security at every stage.

For architects and builders alike, there is little room for error when it comes to designing secure structures that protect occupants from potential threats. This is where two critical components of building design come into play:

  • BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and
  • Access planning

By coordinating these two elements of building design, we can create secure environments that offer robust protection against unwanted intrusions.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of coordinated BIM and access control planning in secure building design. Further, we will show how dormakaba's solutions can assist architects and builders in overcoming these difficulties.

But what are BIM and secure access, and why are they important for building design?

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a digital method that enables design experts to coordinate and cooperate on a building design in a 3D virtual environment. Designers can generate models of buildings using BIM software. It incorporates everything from the arrangement of rooms and walls to the placement of plumbing and electrical systems.    

On the other hand, systems that regulate and manage entry to a building are referred to as secure access solutions. This covers everything from biometric scanners and electronic keycards to gates and turnstiles. Secure access solutions can aid in preventing unauthorized access to a building and guaranteeing that only entitled individuals can reach particular sections.

So, why are BIM and secure access important for building design?

First and foremost, BIM can help designers identify potential planning flaws before construction begins and see how all the various parts fit together. They can spot any conflicts or inconsistencies in the design by generating a virtual model of the building.  

Similarly, secure access solutions can help improve the safety and security of a building. Designers may make sure that a building complies with the relevant security standards and codes by incorporating safe access systems into the design from the beginning. Limiting access to key portions of the facility only to authorized personnel can prevent security breaches.

Integrating secure access into BIM models enables architects and builders to make changes to the BIM model and access control planning before the start of construction. This minimizes the possibility of costly mistakes and delays.

Also, by sharing a single, comprehensive model of the building, designers, contractors, and building owners can work together more effectively. As a result, it reduces the risk of misunderstandings and errors.

The challenges

Access control is critical in the construction industry for maintaining a building's safety and security. Coordination of access control within a BIM model can be an uphill task when multiple parties are involved in the design and construction process.

  • Ensuring that all parties have access to the same information is one of the primary challenges in coordinating secure access in BIM planning. With many people involved in the design and construction process, it is critical to ensure that everyone, including access control systems, has access to the same BIM model. This can be difficult, especially when working with different software platforms or contractors. Sometimes, they may not have the most recent version of the BIM model in use.
  • Another difficulty in coordinating secure access in BIM planning is ensuring that access control systems are integrated into the overall BIM model. To ensure accurate representation in the BIM model, careful coordination between the architect, builder, and access control provider is required.

The Advantages of Using dormakaba Secure Access Solutions in BIM Design

With the help of our solutions, the building owner may keep total control over the building's architectural style. At the same time, they can make sure that safe access is effortlessly included in the design.

It can help architects provide better services to their clients and deliver high-quality building projects that meet all the necessary security requirements. Let's see how!

  • Improved accuracy: Architects can ensure that building access control and security provisions are precisely represented in the design. This can aid in the prevention of errors and omissions, which can result in costly design changes later in the construction process.
  • Increased security: dormakaba's secure access solutions are intended to provide the highest levels of building security. Architects can ensure that building access control and security is optimized. They can be sure that all security concerns are accurately represented in the design by incorporating these solutions into BIM planning.
  • Process of design simplification: Architects can streamline the design process by eliminating the need for separate access control designs. This can result in increased efficiency and cost savings during the design and construction processes.
  • Better collaboration: Architects can improve collaboration between key players in the design process, such as architects, engineers, and contractors. This can aid in confirming that all aspects of building access control and security are taken into account during the design process.
  • Customizable solutions: dormakaba's secure access solutions are highly customizable, allowing architects to tailor them to the specific needs of each building project. With bespoke solutions, Architects can ensure that building access control and security conditions are represented in the design, regardless of the project's complexity.

Additionally, BIM services by dormakaba offer service providers the flexibility they need to accommodate last-minute changes during the construction process. This implies that any modifications to the building's layout or access control mechanisms can be performed fast and easily without delaying the project's schedule.  

Future of Secure Access in BIM Design and How dormakaba is Adapting to New Technologies

As the construction industry evolves, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are likely to be used in the future of secure access in BIM design. dormakaba has already begun to adapt to these new technologies. It is developing BIM objects from basic products range of parametrizable models with limited functional scope. Namely, TS 93 door closers or BTS 80 floor springs to highly configurable objects, like HSW partition wall systems or KTV 3/4 revolving doors. Each BIM object has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of a specific planning process.

We are using machine learning to develop solutions that analyze access control data and detect possible security risks during the design process. This approach allows architects and builders to make necessary adjustments to the building information modeling (BIM) model and access control systems before construction begins. By identifying and addressing security issues beforehand, costly errors and setbacks during construction can be minimized.

dormakaba EntriWorX EcoSystem

EntriWorX EcoSystem is a work setting for groups in digital form. Everyone engaged in a project has online access to all planning materials, floor plans and technical information. It is ideal for anyone involved in the creation of buildings and their life cycle, including architects, planners, installers, facility managers, etc.    

EntriWorX EcoSystem for planning, installing and operating door systems; designed for buildings and facilities. The system is made up of a variety of hardware and software components. These work together to provide comprehensive building access control and security.  

EntriWorX Planning 360°, EntriWorX Planner, EntriWorX Unit, EntriWorX Setup App and EntriWorX Insights are the elements that work together to create the EntriWorX EcoSystem, which offers users a complete solution for the design, configuration, and administration of building automation systems.

  • EntriWorX Planning 360°: Users can plan, design, and control their building planning using this cloud-based platform. Users can design unique systems, set up devices, and produce documentation for their tasks with EntriWorX Planning 360°.  Using the EntriWorX Planner, the technical and practical design plans can be mapped and modified as necessary, for example by security consultants, installers, or dormakaba itself. The system's central component is the small hardware EntriWorX Unit, which drastically lowers the number of parts and wiring needed for installation. The clever controls boost output while saving precious installation time.
  • EntriWorX Setup App: A user-friendly tool, EntriWorX Setup App facilitates installation. Using a smartphone or tablet, the commissioning procedure is carried out step-by-step. Installation mistakes can be methodically found and fixed.
  • EntriWorX Insights: Users of EntriWorX Insights  can visualize system efficiency, spot trends, and solve problems. It offers 3 different products:
  1. EntriWorX Door Insights: Provides real-time visibility of the current operational state of a single door, or a network of installed doors from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Unforeseen events can be managed quickly and proactively with real-time error notifications, so you can minimize operational impacts or downtime.
  2. EntriWorX Supported Service: 24/7 dormakaba service support with monitoring and proactive maintenance that’s always on task. We keep watch and manage so you can focus where it counts.
  3. EntriWorX Integrate : Integration of door data into smart building operations systems. It delivers holistic insights across EcoSystems to maximize the value of door insights.

Integration with other dormakaba solutions, such as BIM planning only is one of EntriWorX EcoSystem's key benefits. This integration enables seamless coordination of access management with operations and facility managers, potentially leading to increased efficiency and cost savings.    

If you're looking for secure access solutions that seamlessly integrate into the BIM process, dormakaba can help. Contact us today to learn how we can assist with your building's access control needs and provide customized solutions that meet your unique requirements.

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