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dormakaba dKey

The invisible digital lock

dormakaba dKey is a digital lock, even if it looks like an ordinary mechanical lock on the outside. It can be used with a traditional key or controlled via smartphone. All the digital technology that enables keyless locking and unlocking by app or with automatic presets is hidden within the lock housing. You get an easy-to-use, safe and modern solution that quickly can be installed in most exterior doors, without affecting the appearance.

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dormakaba dKey

Suitable for all types of doors

The measurements of the dKey lock makes it a perfect fit for most exterior doors. Your new lock is easy to install where the old one sat before, and your door doesn’t have to be modified in any way.
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dormkaba dKey

Combine with your choice of handles

All the smart technology is contained within the lock housing and communicates via Bluetooth (BLE). This makes the modern functionality and flexibility completely invisible. So, you can decide the appearance of your door by choosing the handles and fittings you want. This makes dKey particularly well-suited for apartment buildings and communities where you want to maintain a uniform appearance.

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dormakaba dKey

Lock and unlock with app or key

How you use dKey is your choice. You can lock and unlock with an ordinary key, the app on your smartphone or convenient automatic presets controlled by geofencing, for instance. It’s easy to create, share and manage digital keys for visitors, neighbours, maintenance staff etc. Read more about the technology inside dKey in the technical specifications.
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dormakaba dKey

Certified security

dormakaba dKey is a digital lock you can depend on for the highest security. All parts have been certified according to applicable security standards and approved by the insurance industry. The easy use of dKey also contributes to improved safety. When you leave your home, simply lift the handle to lock the door behind you.

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dormakaba dKey

A perfect match for apartment buildings

dKey is particularly well-suited for apartment buildings and housing communities. Since the digital functionality is hidden in the lock housing, you can maintain a uniform appearance on all doors. As a rule, you can also keep the same cylinders and keys as before – and in case there’s an emergency or if the maintenance staff need access, doors can still be opened with the master key. Upgrade to dKey in a pace that suits everyone, or just on the doors you want. Digital keys are also an easy way to manage access to common spaces like laundry facilities, guest apartments, hobby rooms and more.
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dormakaba dKey

Accessories for easier use

The smart dKey accessories let you add functionality for more convenient and flexible use. The dKey Smart Home button gives you shortcuts to preset modes for when your away and at home. The dKey Keypad allows access with PIN code. And the dKey Network Unit facilitates controlling dKey remotely.


dKey - functions, specifications and accessories

Combine dKey

dKey Lock (MTL 9291)

– Standard mortise lock measurements    SS817375:2018
– Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
– Power supply, 1 x AA 3,6 V battery

dKey app

– Manage digital keys
– Lock/unlock
– Always access to user log

Smart Home

– Unlock from inside
– Activate preset modes

dKey Keypad

– Unlock with PIN code
– Doorbell

dKey Network Unit

– Lock/unlock remotely
– Control accessories remotely
– Subscribe for extended functionality

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