EntriWorX for Facility managers

Be more informed

Tap into the access data you need to keep your operations flowing smoothly
Increase your Productivity
Save time and money with real-time insights

One dashboard for all your door data

Access is always a critical element of round-the-clock building security, with reliable systems ensuring the smooth and safe flow of people. EntriWorX EcoSystem gives you the comprehensive, real-time data analysis you need to manage every aspect of your door systems through one user-friendly platform.

Our centralised, web-based dashboard displays all the operational and performance information for your building doors, so you can react quickly to unforeseen events and proactively plan maintenance.

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Get a data-rich overview of building operations

EntriWorX Insights

Smart facility management depends on digital tools to gather and analyse data on everything from room occupancy and foot traffic to door activity and malfunctions. And all this data needs to be smoothly integrated into user-friendly interfaces.

One platform. Three options

With EntriWorX Insights, you can choose the data you want to focus on to increase efficiency, eliminate downtime and enable rapid troubleshooting.

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Detect faults immediately

EntriWorX Door Insights

Our cloud-based tool gives you a real-time overview of the status and performance of your doors, increasing the security, operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your access set-up.

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React instantly to solve door issues

With real-time notification of events such as blockages or malfunctions, you can cut unplanned interruptions – about 50% of alerts can be corrected quickly and easily by your own team.

Get real-time insights anywhere

Our cloud-based data management allows remote monitoring of multiple, locally installed systems.

Security when it counts

Know that your entrances are locked and secure when they should be, and open and accessible when they need to be, with real-time monitoring of the PGS mode and lock status.

Preventive maintenance

IoT and "Always On" allow operations, maintenance and repair to be adapted to current needs as opposed to strict maintenance schedules.

Let the experts take care of your doors

EntriWorX Supported Service

24/7 dormakaba service support with monitoring and proactive maintenance that’s always on task. We keep watch and manage so you can focus where it counts.

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Remote support

EntriWorX Supported Service enables experienced dormakaba service teams to remotely interact with your doors in the event of an issue. Potentially saving the need for a physical call-out and minimising door downtime.

Optimise response

If a reactive call-out is required, EntriWorX Supported Service teams will have access to the real-time data from the door before they head to site. Ensuring the right people, with the right materials are sent for faster, more efficient resolution.

Expert analysis

With historic door and network level data available to our dormakaba Service experts, they can analyse the information specific to your connected installed base for fully customised, prevention focused service management.

Needs based visits

With information never before available without being physically on-site, your dormakaba Service department can ensure visits are only required when really needed. For more efficient, less impactful door management.

Seamless integration

EntriWorX Integrate

Integration of door data into smart building operations systems. It delivers holistic insights across eco-systems to maximise the value of door insights.

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Seamless integration

Integrate door data flexibly and seamlessly into your building’s management or monitoring systems to maximise the valueof your door insights.

Smarter eco-systems

With comprehensive data on door performance and use delivered for your analysis via the EntriWorX Integrate API, you can use insights to act fast upon today and enhance your ecosystem for the future. EntriWorX Integrate offers full flexibility and additional features to even create new ecosystems.

Optimised efficiency

Combining smooth integration into your existing systems with detailed door data enables you to manage your access infrastructure in the most efficient way and minimize business disruption – saving you time and money.

Use of IoT

Recommended for organizations that have experience, or familiarity with other IoT solutions and the technical capability to successfully integrate the raw data into the platforms of their choice.

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