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‍Stunning Designs with dormakaba Products

January 12, 2024

As infrastructure evolves at a rapid pace, buildings have become more complex than ever. Access systems to buildings are the first point of contact for users. Viable access solutions are important to determine the safety, security, aesthetics and functionality of the building. dormakaba is one of the market leaders in providing a wide range of access solutions for various applications.    

No one size fits all. This is the reason dormakaba offers access solutions that can be catered to specific requirements. Add sustainable solutions and you have one of the best companies for most building access requirements with dormakaba.


Using dormakaba Products to Create Stunning Designs

dormakaba products have been used in many projects across the world. Access solutions have been specifically designed for different industry types and project scales. One of the best features of most dormakaba products is their flexibility to be scaled up as per future demands. Here’s how dormakaba products can be used to enhance aesthetics while maintaining the functionality and security of various spaces.


1. Offices

Office buildings have a stream of employees and clients walking in and out throughout the day. In addition to this, office areas are often zoned to limit access to certain areas. To streamline access in such cases, dormakaba provides solutions that ensure unhindered and secure accessibility. With a combination of integrated access solutions, restricted areas can be created with access to authorized personnel only.

The new Sisal headquarters building in Milan, Italy is one such sustainable structure employing dormakaba access solutions. dormakaba, being committed to sustainability, also keeps up with the client’s requirement of creating a sustainable building. The building has received LEED Gold certification.

As every building has its own specific set of requirements, dormakaba offers customizable access control systems. For the Sisal headquarters building, a prime requirement was to have solutions that can be modified and scaled up as and when required. The access solutions also take into account future technological integrations such as access using smartphones.

The dormakaba exos 9300 access control system was chosen for this purpose.

  • It can be integrated with third-party systems while providing secure access and flexibility to scale.
  • This system can also be customized to work with smartphone access in addition to RFID badge access.
  • All-access needs such as parking, meeting rooms and other building facilities can be managed seamlessly.
  • With smartphone access, physical badges would be redundant.
  • Just by integrating dormakaba’s SDK, a separate application exclusively for access – such as the SisalPass - can be provided.

Aesthetics is an important aspect of every building. Elegant designer gates such as the dormakaba Argus 40, provide an aesthetically appealing entrance. These provide secure access and good accessibility for all ensuring that accessing a space is welcoming and secure. 


2. Airports

Airports have to deal with a host of passengers, flight crew, ground staff, etc. Managing access for these varied groups is a mammoth task. Adding to the need for security and accessibility, a highly integrated and robust access solution is required. Since the scale of access management is also very large at airports, a robust system needs to be in place that seamlessly manages the different zones of the airport.

For international airports, the demands for accessibility and security are even higher.

The Zurich airport handles a large number of international passengers, employees, visitors and more every day.

The airport required different access solutions such as boarding pass control, restricted area access control, barrier-free access systems, fire-resistant door systems and weatherproof perimeter security. 

  • All these requirements were addressed using dormakaba access solutions such as the dormakaba HSB-M03; which are self-boarding and boarding pass control gates.
  • Automatic access systems allow barrier-free accessibility and direct passenger flow.
  • Customs areas are controlled by secure access control units that segregate various areas in the airport.
  • Main exterior entrances are secured and controlled using dormakaba Kentaur security turnstiles.
  • Turnstiles allow for a constant yet controlled flow of passengers.
  • The dormakaba Orthos personal interlock system offers regulated access to restricted areas.
  • As for fire protection, double-leaf door systems equipped with dormakaba TS 93 door closers are used. These are used in transfer areas as well and come with easy open technology. 


3. Hotels

Often, with the complexity of the security system, it is thought that aesthetics must be compromised. But that is not necessarily the case. Innovative access solutions by dormakaba can strike the perfect balance by providing elegant products that also provide the highest possible grade of security. The hospitality industry needs this balance the most.

The luxury hotel segment is one particular industry where security and aesthetics are both the top priority.

The Burgenstock Resort and Spa - a luxury hotel - adopted dormakaba access solutions to meet these demands.

The hotel features panoramic windows offering stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The access systems to be adopted would have to blend with this theme and not stand out.

  • To provide barrier-free as well as clean and aesthetically appealing access, the dormakaba TS 93 system was used.
  • This is an innovative door closer system that works with both interior and exterior single and double-leaf doors.
  • The narrow stile blends with the door frame and does not look bulky or out of place.
  • For the restaurant doors, the ITS 96 slide channel door closer system is used. The concealed door closer system provides an elegant and smooth aesthetic while also offering barrier-free accessibility.
  • Additionally, dormakaba also provided customized swing-door operators that blend seamlessly with the design.
  • The ED 250 door operators came with matching surfaces that also provided robust security. 

Hotels have specific zones that are demarcated for guests and employees. Access solutions help in controlling access to restricted areas or employees-only areas. This coordinated access control is necessary to ensure security and is one of the top requirements for most projects. dormakaba also provided structured locking systems for various users.


4. Hospitals

Healthcare facilities have rigid requirements regarding hygiene, security, functionality and accessibility. Automated entrance systems, access control systems and more are required for various zones of the hospital to regulate access and hygiene. Hospitals need access solutions that provide barrier-free accessibility. Highly efficient access control systems are needed as lives are at stake.

Today’s hospitals are not just cold buildings void of any aesthetic appeal. They are warm and welcoming spaces with keen attention paid to aesthetic details.

The Royal Adelaide Hospital is one such project.

The requirement was to have solutions that can do both – provide secure access control and conform with the design concept. Hospitals have multiple zones requiring controlled access. At every access point, there is a requirement for secure access to a particular zone. Innovative technologies were employed to provide efficient and patient-centric access solutions. 

  • Door handles and such touch points are the prime places for germ accumulation.
  • Smart doors with touchless access design remove this problem. These were employed in areas such as bathrooms and other public access spaces where there is a high requirement for hygiene.
  • Hospitals have many patients on wheelchairs, crutches or stretchers that require barrier-free access.
  • The use of automatic swinging or sliding door operators helps a great deal with accessibility. In addition to this, these also reduce touchpoints and improve overall hygiene.
  • Smart doors with access control systems manage people coming in or going out.
  • This is necessary to ensure that only authorized personnel can access certain high-risk areas in the hospital.
  • Also, there may be certain patients that try to leave without being permitted to do so.
  • Access control systems help greatly under such circumstances. 

5. Commercial or Retail Buildings

Large public spaces such as malls, concert halls, stadiums and more deal with large crowds. Controlling access and maintaining security are two of the biggest challenges for such facilities. There is also the need to control access to certain areas such as the backstage rooms, maintenance areas, staff rooms, etc. With smart access solutions from Dormakaba, it is possible to create controlled access zones.

The Elbphilharmonie building is one such place welcoming huge crowds.

The unique design concept of this building called for elegant products with robust security features. The building has a variety of spaces such as a publicly accessible plaza, a hotel, a restaurant, residential apartments and three concert halls to name a few. To cater to a building with such versatile spaces, specially customized integrated access solutions are required.

  • The aesthetic appeal of the mesmerizing structure attracts many tourists.
  • Speedy ticketing systems, flow control and camera metering secures access to the building. Years of experience with the pedestrian flow in buildings of different types, places dormakaba at the top place when it comes to access solutions.
  • With guidance from experts at dormakaba, such access solutions conforming to fire safety, pedestrian flow and access control were installed.
  • High-value buildings such as the Elbphilharmonie building require specialized products.
  • dormakaba designed special stainless steel turning locks which are wider than usual. This is to accommodate guests in evening attire for the concert halls and other facilities at the building.
  • Sensor barriers and ticket scanners were installed to control and manage visitor flow. For a building of such scale, barrier-free access is a must.
  • For this, dormakaba installed Argus sensor airlocks with automatic doors. To keep with the design concept, sensor airlocks with photoelectric barrier sensors were used. These were customized according to the dimensions set by the client.

In conclusione

For years dormakaba has offered access solutions catering to all kinds of markets and industries. The company is a market leader in access control products that ensure the safety and seamless movement of people. With over 150 years of experience in access control systems, dormakaba offers high-quality solutions with global applications.

The company’s commitment to quality and sustainability has helped it create a lucrative portfolio. With attention to detail and innovative, reliable, easy-to-integrate and secure products, dormakaba continues to emerge as a market leader in access solutions.

The high level of customizability that comes with dormakaba products makes them suitable for industries such as residential, multi-housing, utilities and many more. Do take a look at further references to see how dormakaba products are used to produce stunning designs.


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