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Electronic Access & Data

Access control for personnel and vehicles and tracking of the workforce - profit from flexible possibilities of various solutions and of data collection. Our products offer you full product compatibility and interoperability, while the software platforms address exactly your needs. Be it mechanic, mechatronic or electronic access control.

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With dormakaba EACM, you can secure your company against unauthorized access and register your employees' hours of work, easily and...

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EAD Hardware

Find all information about technical training EAD Hardware.

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EAD Hardware B Client

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EAD Videos

Checkout Training EAD YouTube playlist: Electronic devices, Standalone components, evolo, exos, MATRIX ONE and more.

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EAD eLearning

See all available EAD eLearning courses in the dormakaba Learning Portal.

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MATRIX Professional Access: a state-of-the-art software platform for controlling and managing access processes in buildings and the...

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Safe Locks

Be it money, valuables, important documents or even sensitive goods that should be protected from unauthorized access - choose from our...

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Special Offerings

Find all information about technical special EAD training.

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dormakaba offers suitable products for communication between terminals and software, required for processing the collected data.

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b-comm ERP

dormakaba b-comm ERP - SAP ERP is a software solution for time registration, shop floor data collection, and access control.

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Manage your access control system with the network-capable dormaKaba evolo Manager (KEM) software.

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evolo smart

With the dormakaba evolo smart app you can easily control access to your building.

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Find all information about technical training exivo.

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Security and organization mean many things to many people. Every company has its own particular demands, which are subject to constant...

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Properties enjoy clear advantages with access management in the cloud with resivo by dormakaba.

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