General Terms and Conditions

The following agreement applies to the business unit ENS/ESC.


For each course description, we indicate the requirements necessary to actually achieve the desired training success. Only people who meet the requirements will be admitted to the respective training. By registering for a course, the participant confirms that they fulfil the requirements for participation. The training team reserves the right to refuse a participant participation in a course due to a lack of prior knowledge. If a participant participates in a session despite insufficient previous knowledge, the training team cannot guarantee the success of the training and will not be able to respond to the participant's separate needs.


For the courses scheduled in this training programme, participants need to be registered at least 10 working days before the start of training via the learning platform.

Registration is only valid as a request to participate in a training. By submitting the registration, the customer recognize the „ENS/ESC GTCs“. Within this 10-days period the registration is automatically binding, even if there are still places available. Free cancellation is no longer possible.


The customer is only with the registration confirmation entitled to participate in the advertised training. It is carried out through the learning platform and is automatically delivered electronically after registration.

Number of participants

In order to maximise learning success and because space and infrastructure are limited, the maximum number of participants is limited. The minimum number is also limited for economic reasons.

Generally, the following limits apply to the entire range of training courses:
minimum participants 4 / maximum participants 8


The duration of the training is determined in such a way that the contents can be communicated optimally to the participants without time pressure, with many practical exercises and consolidated with a learning evaluation. If participants arrive late or leave the training early (e.g. because their return flight leaves too early in the evening), the course management can only respond in a very limited way, as it is responsible for the learning success of the whole group.

Our recommendation: Allow enough time in the morning and in the evening to participate in the entire training.

Standard Duration:
08:30 AM – 05:00 PM

Training dates

dormakaba sets the dates for training and informs all potential participants about the learning platform. The participants have the opportunity to request a standard training. It cannot be guaranteed, that each training from the standard program is carried out within a calendar year.

Training location

Without a separate agreement, all trainings at dormakaba Deutschland GmbH take place at the following:

dormakaba Deutschland GmbH, Nikolaus-Otto-Straße 1, D-77815 Bühl

There is the possibility to ask for another training location. In this case, the responsibility for infrastructure needed for training is at the partner, who ordered the training. In this case, travel expenses will be charged in addition to the training fees.


The fees include the training documents in electronic form and the catering during the training at dormakaba Deutschland GmbH - location Bühl. It should be added that if a registered participant is absent without excuse or cancels too late, a cancellation fee will be charged.


The organization and payment of accommodation (overnight in the hotel) is generally the responsibility of the participant and is not part of the scope of services of dormakaba. Wherever possible, dormakaba provides discounted booking options. Costs arise in the event of cancellation or rebooking, these are to be paid exclusively by the participant.


The documents used in trainings (software and documentation) are subject to copyright. By participating in a training no express or tacit right to commercial exploitation of the training documents is given. The participants undertake not to copy any copyright-protected documents onto data carriers or to remove them by other means from dormakaba premises. The documents provided are only intended for internal use (personal use, employee training) by the participant and remain the intellectual property of dormakaba.

Dealing with Images

By signing the list of participants, the participants agree that all photos taken at this event are the property of dormakaba and may be used for the purpose of public relations without restriction. If you object, please contact the instructor directly during the training.