Training Path for EACM
Training Course

Beginner Training EACM

120 Minutes
Number or participants
no limits
Languages available
Target groups
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Training Goals

After completing these courses, you can …

  • understand the basic functionality of EACM,
  • distinguish between EACM and other solutions,
  • explain what an ERP system is and what purpose it fulfills,
  • name advantages/disadvantages of ERP Systems,
  • explain the basic structure of SAP ERP,
  • describe the structure of SAP HANA,
  • explain the structure of the SAP 3 system landscape,
  • name the individual components of the SAP application layer in detail,
  • explain the differences between the terms "system", "instance", and "clients".

Training Topics

  • Basics of EACM
  • Basics of ERP Systems
  • Basics of SAP I
  • Basics of SAP II
  • Basics of SAP III


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