Training Path for EACM
Training Course

Basic Training EACM

Number or participants
Min. 4, Max. 8
Languages available
Target groups
  • Partner
  • service technicians
  • system planners
  • system administrators
  • people who entrust someone with the installation or are in charge of EACM Software SAP integration.
If you are a dormakaba partner
Follow these guidelines

Training Goals

After completing the training, the participant knows the EACM Software.
The participant knows the differences between each module and recognizes the relates.
The participants can connect a Kaba terminal on Kaba EACM software, set-up the terminal and use it with the default parameters.

Training Topics

  • EACM Basics
  • SAP Basics and Technical Terms
  • EACM Installation
  • EACM User and Roles
  • The EACM Objects
  • The EACM user menu
  • Practical exercises


  • Technical basic knowledge of network technology, basic knowledge of EAD product portfolio
  • Basic knowledge about data communication, time & attendance, access and biometric. SAP basic knowledge is recommended

Participation in:

  • B-COMM Basic
  • B-COMM Advanced
  • Kaba Hardware (B-eco, B-web 9300, 9600, 9700, 9200, 9230, 9290)
  • HTTP/XML Communication

To bring along

Own laptop with administrator rights, installed FTP/SFTP Program and actual installed B-COMM software.

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