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Security. Simplicity. For your entire access ecosystem.
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A step in a smart direction

Enabling multifamily property management

dormakaba understands that a multifamily property is a complex and evolving ecosystem. People are constantly coming and going, expectations are rising, and in a world of seamless digitalization, access deserves an upgrade.

dormakaba Lyazon™ is a cloud-based API driven platform that integrates with a wide range of third-party systems and solutions for property technologies, smart home automation, energy management, resident portal apps, and more. Right on your preferred platform, dormakaba Lyazon gives you full and fluid control over every access point.


Make access secure and simple

Manage access rights from a single system

Property Managers

Management made infinitely easier

Lyazon doesn’t just save your business time and money. It alleviates the pressure on property managers who are constantly restoring order from chaos.

Ease of access
For residents, guests, maintenance, unit tours, etc.

Complete solution
Simple and attractive hardware + software

Low maintenance
Durable hardware and long-lasting batteries

Mobile access
No more lost keys to replace

Full coverage
Including parking gates, gym, pool, rooftop, etc

Multiple levels of access
All controlled remotely, in real time


Turning access into an experience

Lyazon puts the power of access into each resident’s hands, for a greater feeling of security and control.

Lock and unlock anytime
24/7, all day, any day

Easy for all ages
All controlled within a single smartphone app

True independence
Manage visitor access without the property manager

Enhanced security
Know who’s coming and going at all times

Good impression
Looks good and works well, from day one

Invest in a proven legacy

dormakaba leverages a 150-year track record of continuous commitment to high-quality product engineering and professional customer service. Developers and property managers trust dormakaba to deliver access solutions that provide a secure and convenient living experience. Hardware backed by a trusted legacy, now controlled by the most advanced digital security integration platform.


Saffire™ EVO Wi-Fi Lock

The Saffire EVO Series offers contactless reader technology designed to enhance access control convenience for residents and improve operational efficiency for property managers.The Saffire EVO lock provides an easy-to-use, secure, and flexible solution with the convenience of using either mobile devices, RFID credentials or secure PINs for access to resident units, common areas and perimeter doors.

Available Models:

- Deadbolt EVO LZ-D
- Interconnected EVO LZ-I
- Mortise EVO LZ-M

- Latch EVO LZ-L (Coming soon)
- Panic Trim (Coming soon)

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Integrating with some of the most trusted names in property management technology

Cloud-based API driven

Cloud integration

With dormakaba Lyazon™, we’re evolving from a smartlock to a seamless access experience that adapts to the constantly changing needs of today’s multi-family property managers, and meets the lifestyle demands of their residents. Our approach lets aggregator partners control the front end, ensuring command over security, cost effectiveness, and integration capabilities.


Detailed information can be found in the Lyazon™ brochure.



Does Lyazon have a user interface to control the connected access devices?
Who is Lyazon meant for?
Does Lyazon store resident data?
Does Lyazon support 3rd party readers and controllers for common doors?
Does Lyazon work on all dormakaba hardware?
What happens during a power or Wi-Fi outage?
How long will the batteries last in the Saffire EVO LZ locks?
How many residents and guests credentials can be stored in the Saffire EVO LZ memory?
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For every place that matters

Our purpose reflects the contribution we make to society: we are where our communities come together – from locations across town to locations across the world.

At schools and universities, in stadiums, airports, hospitals and workplaces. We provide safety, security and sustainability, allowing people to move seamlessly and shape their lives the way they want.


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