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Overcoming the Emerging Challenges in the Building Lifecycle

November 14, 2023

Eventhough the construction industry is one of the last and slowestindustries to embrace digitization, this "brick-and-mortar" industryhas still been seeing an accelerating digital push, and for good reason: Digitization in construction brings countless benefits,enhancing efficiency, sustainability, productivity, collaboration, and overallproject outcomes.

Nevertheless,the digitization process also comes with many unique issues. As the buildingindustry evolves, architects and planners must navigatenew challenges in the building lifecycle.

The building lifecycle encompasses all the stagesinvolved in the creation, use, and eventual disposal or repurposing of abuilding. It typically includes the following phases: Planning, design,construction, operation, maintenance, and demolition.

Particularlygiven the rapid development of construction technologies, several newchallenges can arise throughout the lifecycle of a building. However, dormakabaprovides solutions to each of these challenges through EntriWorX, the fully integrated and comprehensiveEcoSystem that connects all stakeholders for planning, installing, and operating doorsystems, which is accessible through the web.

Building Lifecycle Phase #1: Planning & Design

  • As urban development and building regulations keep transforming and get increasingly more complex, complying with them and obtaining necessary permits can become a bigger hurdle than ever.
  • Stakeholder coordination: Balancing the needs and preferences of various stakeholders, including developers, architects, local communities, and government entities.
  • Sustainability and energy  efficiency: Designing environmentally-friendly buildings that optimize energy usage and minimize resource consumption.
  • Cost considerations: Balancing design aspirations with budget limitations and ensuring cost-effective solutions.
  • Integration of technologies: Incorporating rapidly evolving technologies while maintaining compatibility and future-proofing the building.

dormakaba Solutions
  • EntriWorX Planning 360° offers implementation compliant with the changing standards and building regulations.
  • Tapping into cloud-based data, it simplifies both the design planning process and communication among all individuals engaged in the planning and execution of creating the door list.
  • EntriWorX Planning 360° is compatible with a 3D BIM model. This allows complex situations and interdependencies can be visualized in 3D, optimizing the cost,     energy efficiency, and sustainability of any building, while making it easier for architects to come up with door solutions.

Building Lifecycle Phase #2: Construction and Product Installation

  • Project management: Coordinating multiple contractors, managing timelines, and ensuring quality control throughout  the construction process.
  • Skilled labor shortage: Finding qualified workers in certain regions or trades can pose a challenge.
  • Safety and risk management: Maintaining a safe construction site, adhering to regulations, and managing potential risks.

dormakaba Solutions
  • The easy wiring of the EntriWorX Unit reduces the complexity and labor-intensity of the product installation process, while also saving time.
  • dormakaba aids the installation by the user-friendly EntriWorX Setup App. The process of commissioning is performed progressively using smartphones or tablets. Errors in installation can be identified and rectified systematically.
  • Commissioning is done step-by-step with a smartphone or tablet and it's possible to digitally  identify any malfunctions, helping to create a safer construction     site.

Building Lifecycle Phase #3: Operation & Maintenance

  • Energy management: Implementing effective strategies to monitor and optimize energy consumption, considering factors like HVAC systems and lighting.
  • Maintenance planning: Developing proactive maintenance plans to address issues promptly and minimize disruptions to occupants.
  • Occupant comfort and  satisfaction: Ensuring a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for occupants, which may involve addressing temperature control, air quality, and noise reduction,  while also monitoring the occupancy number.

dormakaba Solutions
  • EntriWorX Operation provides more transparency and efficiency and enables the connected doors to operate proactively based on real-time and historical data.
  • Thanks to the availability of fully-integrated cloud-based data, EntriWorX Insights monitors and analyzes all the door operation and occupancy data. This allows doors to report any malfunctioning independently, while also helping facility managers to control the room occupancy and people traffic.
  • The integration of door data into smart building operations systems also helps to deliver holistic insights across ecosystems to maximize the value of door insights.
  • Buildings benefit from 24/7 dormakaba service support, maintenance and repairs take place according to actual requirements of the door.

Building Lifecycle Phase #4: Demolition or Repurposing

  • Environmental impact: Managing the disposal of construction waste responsibly and minimizing the impact on landfills.
  • Historic preservation: Preserving buildings with historical or cultural significance when possible, considering the need for renovation or repurposing.

dormakaba Solutions
  • Long after the state of the art entrance systems are installed, dormakaba's qualified technicians are ready to assist all the increasingly complex and evolving     needs that might occur during the lifecycle of a building.

The World of Construction is Changing, but We're Here to Help

By considering these challenges and incorporating innovative solutions, architects and planners can design buildings that are sustainable, efficient, and secure for years to come.

In order to navigate new challenges in the building lifecycle, get in touch with us for insights on digital planning, sustainable design and construction.


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